Dental Emergency

Dental emergency Beverly MA’s definition of “emergency” is “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action.”

You can’t describe a dental emergency any better than that. With dental emergencies occurring unexpectedly, they rarely happen during normal dental office hours. So what are you suppose to do when you have a dental emergency and it’s after hours? Hospitals and urgent care centers are not equipped to treat dental issues, and most dental offices are either closed by 5:00 pm, or you work until 6:00 pm.

When you find yourself in an emergency situation, that’s when you need the services of Dr. Ben Polan, a Beverly dentist who will treat you for any dental emergency.

Dental emergency? Call

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We all know the number to call for police, fire, or ambulance is 911. But do you know who to call for dental emergencies?

Some type of emergencies can be pretty severe and if they don’t get treated right away they can lead to permanent tooth loss. No one wants to lose a tooth, not only will it make eating very difficult, it won’t look very attractive either. What happens if you develop an infection in your tooth that causes you to suffer with extreme pain? In some cases, the infection can spread causing you to feel ill along with the pain. Why should you have to suffer through that until the next day when you absolutely need a dentist now?

Imagine this: You’re leaving your family’s Holiday party and you slip on the slippery sidewalk, the next thing you know your face down wondering what happened. It’s only when you stand up that you realize your front tooth is missing. Oh great! This was not how you planned to end your perfect evening out.

In another situation, you may be having trouble with tooth pain with either hot or cold temperatures making it difficult to eat or a wisdom tooth has decided to come in. How painful would it be to lose a filling in the middle of your company dinner. No one ever plans an emergency, that’s how they work, they are “sudden,” “urgent,” and “usually unexpected.”

You are in the right hands…

Dr. Ben Polan is an experienced dentist who is passionate about helping any patient in need. He has a simple philosophy; Administer dentistry with caring and a commitment to excellence for all patients. He applies this philosophy whether covering general dentistry, emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, sleep disorder dentistry, or even treatment for TMJ. His goal is to provide the very best care for every dental situation, including dental emergencies.

In the Beverly area, Dr. Ben Polan has the background and know-how you need in any dental situation. Whether it’s for a broken tooth, tooth infection, or your mouth hurts so bad you haven’t slept for days, contact Dr. Ben Polan for your dental emergency.