White fillings

Dental fillings… choose white fillings

header-images-white-fillingsFor more than a century, dentists have used amalgam fillings to treat cavities. Made from silver and mercury, amalgams provided a short-term solution to those suffering from painful cavity symptoms. Chances are that if you’ve received a filling in the last decade, your dentist used amalgams because they were the most readily available types of dental fillings.

These days, more than ever before, people do not want fillings made of dark (Silver) mercury in their mouth. Whether they have concerns about health issues from mercury fillings, or simply have cosmetic concerns, the technology for placing beautiful, white, aesthetic restorations allows you to choose something else.

Besides aesthetics, what’s wrong with amalgam fillings?

  • Because they’re made from metal, amalgam fillings react to temperature changes, biting and chewing.
  • Amalgam is naturally malleable, meaning the more you eat and drink, the more it bends and expands.
  • Amalgam is four times more flexible than your tooth, which means it adjusts more radically to constant changes.

Over time, frequent bending, expanding and contracting can lead to small gaps between the filling and your tooth, allowing decay causing bacteria and food particles to sneak in.

Get the power of a bright, white smile

Thanks to years of study and research, dentists can now offer dental fillings that are more effective and look significantly better than traditional fillings. There are essentially two types of restoration materials available at Exceptional Dental  in Beverly:

  • Porcelain is beautiful, highly durable and generally created in our labs. There is much less removal of tooth structure with porcelain fillings (onlays), thus making it a more conservative procedure. The porcelain is actually bonded to the tooth rendering it almost as strong as the original tooth. Porcelain is used to repair teeth that have broken or when teeth have large, cracked, metal fillings.
  • Composite material is a tooth colored plastic that can be placed in one visit. Generally, composite is fine for small restorations, and is an excellent alternative to mercury fillings.


What makes these materials so much better than traditional dental fillings?

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Designed to match your teeth, white fillings are discreet and blend seamlessly with your natural smile.
  • You don’t run the risk associated with traditional mercury or silver-based amalgams.
  • Composite or porcelain fillings offer better protection because they seal more firmly than amalgam, which means you won’t have to worry about gaps or holes.


Bright, beautiful, exceptional protection

There Is a better and brighter way to get the protection you need against cavities and decay!

Engineered for safety, composite or porcelain fillings can be tailored to meet your specific needs. When you need a cosmetic dentist who understands your medical and aesthetic needs, turn to Dr. Polan. With years of experience and a commitment to providing outstanding service, he’s the Beverly dentist you can trust to offer safe, effective and affordable white dental fillings.

Dr. Polan has seen dental materials come and go. He is highly trained in the most cutting edge techniques and materials and he’ll always make sure you get the healthiest, best looking tooth restoration treatment.