Dr. Michael Westman – Dentist Racine WI

Dr. Michael Westman,

Dentist Racine is recognized by the American Dental Association as a specialist in prosthodontics. He enjoys, and feels that he best serves his patients, by providing the full spectrum of dental care: Restorative, cosmetic dental treatments, orthodontics, dental sedation, neuromuscular (tmj) treatment and sleep disorder (snoring & sleep apnea) dentistry. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 1991 with his DDS degree, he continued his schooling to earn a Master of Science Degree specializing in prosthodontics. Since then, in addition to owning his Dental Clinic Racine, he has continued to take numerous advanced education courses mainly at the world renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), with an emphasis on advanced cosmetic, reconstructive and neuromuscular (TMJ) dentistry.

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