Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Success Stories

Patient Testimonials

Success Stories

Success Stories

To view patient testimonials click on and under TMJ or Sleep Apnea click on success stories.

What we say is one thing…but what our patients say is what’s really important. Feel free to check back often, as we will continually update this page with more, actual client experiences.

Michael P, Ipswich, MA

“Dr, Polan and his staff provide a comfortable, professional environment. They use the latest equipment and techniques. My wife and I have been going to Dr. Polan for several years and have always been completely satisfied with his services.”

Wendy G, Beverly, MA

“I had a wonderful time!!! Everyone was “exceptional” hence the reason it is in the title of the business. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.”

Diane V, Salem, MA

“Warm, welcoming environment. They do great work cleanings & crowns! 1 visit crown is awesome. I would definitely recommend to a friend, especially if they have insurance. Prices can be too high if you have to pay out-of-pocket.”


“Every time I go to Dr. Polan’s office the staff is always happy and helpful. I am never under stress because they make me feel so relaxed and in professional hands. I can’t imagine going to another dentist because any other dental office would be a disappointment. The state of the art equipment and top education is the finest.”

Ron T

“My experience at Exceptional dental is always the same. I receive state of the art professional care which is delivered in a manner that feels like family. I would and do, highly recommend them to anyone seeking the best, delivered with a smile.”


“I learned about Dr. Polan from an ad in the Salem News. What stood out for me was the website that was on the ad and it said be Now being someone with obstructive sleep apnea, and knowing all about cpap masks because i tried wearing one before and could not do it, I did a double take when reading the ad. I had to make sure it said what I thought it said. I called the number on the ad and off i went to see Dr. Polan.

I also should note I had not seen a dentist in 10 years and he somehow found a way to take enough of my fear away. To make a long story short, I not only made an appointment for oral appliance therapy to treat my sleep apnea, but i made a dental appointment as well. So I conquered two goals with one person. What else could one ask for? Thank you.”

North Shore Magazine: The Best of Health, 2009

Challenge….. That is the word that best describes what fuels Dr. Benjamin Polan’s life and work. He has heli- skied at the top of the mountains of Colorado, as well as, while an instructor at Sunday River, successfully taught terrified adult beginners how to ski. Dr. Polan carries that love into his work.

Here at Exceptional Dental patients are treated as a whole person. We strive to have a comfortable relationship with each and every one of them. That is the very reason Dr. Polan has invested in the absolute latest technology that benefits the patient’s experience. Technology such as CEREC the in-office-crown system, with CEREC a patient can expect to have a tooth restored in just one visit. Most dentists would agree that dealing with a profoundly frightened patient is a challenge.

The Exceptional Dental offers Sedation Dentistry to those patients who would otherwise forgo dental care. Under sedation a patient will calmly and easily receive much needed dentistry. Another challenge Dr. Polan often faces in his practice is dealing with chronic pain in our TMJ patients. The average dentist has never gone any further than dental school to increase their knowledge and skill of patient pain associated with TMJ. Dr. Polan continues that education today which may explain his high success rate with these patients.

The Exceptional Dental also provides solutions and care for those who suffer from snoring or sleep disorders. We can create a dental appliance for those who cannot tolerate the popularly prescribed CPAP appliance. This is just a glimpse of what can be done by Dr. Polan at Exceptional Dental.

Challenge…. Dr. Polan will meet another one this summer as he travels to Israel to volunteer to provide much needed dentistry to some of the impoverished children of Jerusalem.


Follow in photos and conversation the first visit ever of a 6 year old Ukranian child with Dr. Polan by

clicking here.

Dasha is a 61/2 year old orphan from the Ukraine looking for a 2 parent adoptive home. She is being lovingly cared for by one of our patients. We all fell in love with her the moment she came into the office terrified. Within moments Dr. Polan and the staff had calmed her down. See the transformation of Dasha through the pictures by clicking on the above site.

Life transforming dental solutions

By Beverly MA Dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan

Meet our Team

Meet our team

Meet our team

Meet Dr. Benjamin Polan’s diligent dental crew in Beverly, MA

All our professionals at our office in Beverly, MA maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay on top of the latest and most effective trends in dentistry.


Brittany – RDA / Dental Assistant

Brittany has been with our office for 4 years, and enjoys interacting with all of our patients. Patients enjoy her calming nature and personalized attention.

Jenni – RDH / Hygienist

Jenni has been with our practice for a number of years. She loves taking care of our patients and keeping teeth and gums as healthy as possible. She enjoys spending time with her family and is a fitness enthusiast.

Tina – RDH / Hygienist

Tina has been in the dental field for over 10 years with a background in dental assisting. She joined the team in early spring of 2015 and enjoys traveling with friends and spending time with her nieces. Tina’s goal is to help people achieve healthier smiles by making them feel relaxed and comfortable in the dental environment.

Life transforming dental solutions

By Beverly MA Dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan

Oral Surgery/Extractions

Oral Surgery / Extractions

(Conditions apply)

Oral Surgery / Extractions

(Conditions apply)


because waiting will make things worse, or more expensive.

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with family & friends

The removal of a tooth from the mouth is called a dental extraction. Extractions are very common are made as painless as possible, though for complex procedures a specialized oral surgeon will be recommended.
Extractions are beneficial for a number of reasons, such as removing:

  • Tooth structure rendered non-restorable due to tooth decay
  • Impacted, problematic, or fractured wisdom teeth
  • Extra teeth altering the bite
  • Teeth in the way of orthodontic treatment and procedures

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

  • Wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 16 and 25 as third molars at the very back of the mouth.
  • Generally growing unnoticed, wisdom teeth can cause a variety of spacing and oral health issues in some individuals
  • Wisdom teeth should be extracted as soon as possible if they’re noticed to begin impacting the growth of other teeth
  • In many cases, the removal of wisdom teeth can be troublesome so the procedure is left to a specialized oral surgeon

Life transforming dental solutions

By Beverly MA Dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan