Life-Transforming Health, Cosmetic, TMJ Pain & Sleep Disorder Solutions.

Beverly, Boston MA Dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan • General, Cosmetic, Neuromuscular(TMJ) and Sleep Disorder Dentistry Solutions.


Today, dentistry is much more than just fixing teeth. A clean, healthy mouth is essential to your overall health. Untreated bacteria in your mouth does not only cause tooth decay and damage your gums, it can enter your body via your lungs and blood, causing new infections or intensifying existing ones. At Exceptional Dental , we give you the very best modern dentistry has to offer, helping you live a longer and healthier life.


Do you wake up tired in the morning, even though you’ve “slept” the required 8 hours? Sleep deprivation due to sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea, not only robs you of the energy you need to live a productive, happy life, it steals the oxygen and rest you need to thrive.  The health consequences of an untreated sleep disorder are hypertension, heart problems and an increased risk of stroke. Dr. Polan’s training is sleep disorder dentistry is your ticket back to healthy sleep.


Bad breath, stained, crooked or missing teeth, dark metal fillings or unfortunate genetics can have a huge impact on your self-confidence.  At Exceptional Dental,  we can restore your damaged teeth, replace missing teeth, whiten stains, correct your bite, or help you eliminate your bad breath, improving your oral health as well as your appearance. A bright, healthy smile is the confidence booster that could help you flourish in your career, your relationships, your life.


So many people suffer from undiagnosed migraines,headaches, jaw pain, aching shoulders or sore necks. Too often, these painful symptoms go untreated because a misaligned bite is the root cause. At Exceptional Dental, Dr. Benjamin Polan, has undergone extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry, meaning he can diagnose TMJ problems and treat them effectively. You can have a happy, pain free-life again, often with the simplest of treatments.