Beverly root canals

3 things you may not know about Beverly root canals

tooth infection, nerve pain, Beverly dentistRoot canal is an idea that can strike terror in people’s hearts, but it shouldn’t. Having a root canal today is comfortable, and it stops pain; it does not cause it. Eliminating some common misconceptions about root canal can help you to understand the procedure and what it can do for you.

1. Root canal is described as painless by most patients

Root canal is done under anesthetic and with state-of-the-art technology that allows dentists to perform the procedure with maximum precision. Most people who have undergone a root canal describe the procedure as painless. Toothache is caused by nerve pain in an infected tooth, and having a root canal to remove the infection stops the pain.

2. Root canal can prevent crooked teeth

Some people believe it is better to have a tooth extracted instead of having a root canal. If the tooth is in the back of the mouth, it seems to many people to be unimportant and a tooth that does not even need to be replaced. The problem with having a tooth removed and leaving an open space is that this can lead to shifting of the other teeth. Think of one concrete block being removed from the foundation of a building. This would undermine the support for the building, and gradually it could start to shift out of place. The same thing happens when you lose a tooth.

3. Root canal can prevent pain before it starts

Many people assume root canal is a “last resort” for when they cannot stand the pain of a toothache anymore. Root canal can be performed when a tooth infection reaches the inside of the tooth even if you are not feeling pain. A root canal clears the infection and restores the tooth from the inside, which can prevent pain from happening.

Destroying the myths about root canal

It could be said that root canal is generally the opposite of everything it is commonly believed to be. It actually prevents pain, removes infection, sanitizes the tooth and leaves it healthier than before. Not having a root canal can lead to pain, tooth loss and even crooked teeth.

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If you are looking for a Beverly dentist who you can talk to about root canal, call for a consultation appointment. If you know you have an infected tooth or are experiencing toothache pain, the sooner you act, the sooner you can become pain free and save your tooth.