Broken Teeth

Broken teeth? Get the smile you deserve

broken-teeth-beverly-maEveryone desires to have a smile that they are confident about or  to go through their day without tooth pain. There are many situations that can cause one to dislike their smile or to have a toothache. Broken teeth are one of the main reasons that people try to hide their smile or experience almost unbearable tooth pain.

Broken or cracked teeth are not harmless; they can cause you to have health issues. Beyond being painful, gapped, broken, or cracked teeth can become infected if they are not treated. This infection can start in your tooth area but travel to other parts of your body. No part of your body is safe as this infection has the ability to travel through your whole body.

Broken and cracked teeth can be the cause of your teeth shifting. This is because your teeth are able to support each other. When a tooth has a gap in it, a neighboring tooth my begin to lean, causing the gap to be covered. Though this may help to cover a gap produced by a cracked or broken tooth, it can cause your bite to be altered. Your teeth have the possibility of not fitting well together and you can also develop painful TMJ symptoms.

Beyond physical changes in your mouth broken and cracked teeth can be hard to clean. Not properly cleaning your damaged tooth can lead to decay. This decay can spread throughout other teeth in your mouth. This is very possible if the decaying tooth touches a neighboring tooth.

Treatment options for broken or cracked teeth

page-images-broken-toothSome individuals have opted to have a root canal for their broken or cracked teeth. After the root canal has been completed a crown may have been placed over the broken tooth. A crown that has been placed improperly can be the cause of your tooth becoming more brittle. This can lead the additional problem of  broken tooth root.

Thankfully there is broken tooth treatment. People are able to get the smile that they deserve by visiting Beverly dentist Dr. Ben Polan. Having a smile with a broken or cracked tooth can cause a person to lose confidence and choose not to reach out to others as often.

The pain from broken and cracked teeth can easily ruin a good night sleep or keep you away from a social event. Toothache pain may be temporarily relieved with pain killers but it is guaranteed the pain will appear again. Get the treatment you need and say yes to a confident and painless smile.

Dr. Ben Polan has the expertise and experience to repair any broken or cracked teeth. Get the smile that you deserve while putting an end to the almost unbearable pain caused by your broken or cracked tooth.