Sports Mouthguard

What is a Pure Power Mouthguard?
The Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) is an amazing new piece of health-science technology that allows one to immediately see improvements in flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. This technology is based on the pr oven scientific principles of neuromuscular dentistry.The PPM is an oral mouthguard that correctly aligns the bottom jaw; it is this correction that allows the wearer to experience these changes in athletic ability. Due to his years of experience practicing neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Benjamin L. Polan is the only dentist on the North Shore of Massachusetts that is certified to custom fit a PPM.

Who can benefit from a PPM?
Anyone interested in improving their athletic performance can benefit from the PPM. From the occasional golfer, to to the weekend warrior, football players, baseball players, swimmers, skiers, weight lifters to professional athletes can benefit from increased balance, flexibility and upper body strength. It is designed to be worn comfortably during all sports or physical activities and has the added benefit of protecting the teeth and jaw from injury. It is estimated that up to 90% of the general population has misalignment of their jaw. Imagine the possibilities if you were to experience the effects of the most powerful and legal sports performance enhancer available.

The improvements below have all been reported in the literature:

An immediate increase in upper body strength of between 20-50%
A 12-18 inch increase in range of motion
The release of stored residual tension in the body for much easier recovery
A dramatic reduction in chance of injury and concussion
An instant increase in the ability to breathe better
Who is Using the PPM?
Professional athletes on teams like the Carolina Panthers, Seattle Sea hawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Indiana Pacers and Montreal Canadians are wearing the PPM. Bode Miller, the 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist in skiing has 5 different PPM mouthguards, one for each type of ski race he enters. The 2010 Superbowl winners, the New Orleans Saints, all wore the PPM during the game. Additionally, a well known college football team is fitting their student athletes. They have asked not to be named, for obvious reasons. There are several UFC fighters who have become avid fans of the PPM.

How do I get a PPM?
Dr. Polan will need to determine if you are a candidate for the PPM. A simple 15 minute consultation will be scheduled. Should he decide you can benefit from a PPM, we will schedule an appointment for approximately ninety minutes to determine proper bite and take impressions of your lower and upper teeth. A second appointment (20 minutes) approximately two weeks later will be scheduled for the fitting of the PPM.
Hard to believe? Think nothing can help your game? A Pure Power Mounthguard may be the answer for you. Email Dr. Polan at or click on Appointment Request to make an appointment.