TMJ Orthotics

Treating TMJ with TMJ orthotics

tmj-orthotics-beverly-maDoes that beautiful smile on your face mask throbbing pain right behind it? If so, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder.

Everybody’s jaw and teeth have a slightly different ways they fit together, and when the natural order for your jaw and teeth are just a tad off, your mouth simply doesn’t work quite right.

Eventually, your jaw muscles begin to do work they really weren’t designed to do, which involves attempting to bring your jaw back to its correct arrangement.

How does this imbalance happen?

Well, teeth that have been chipped or ground down from night grinding, a jaw out of alignment or orthodontic changes are all common causes for TMJ disorders.

Sometimes, the issues caused by bedtime teeth grinders can be resolved with a mouth-guard. A dentist can custom fit one of these mouth-guards for you. In addition to relieving your TMJ disorder, this mouth-guard can also release some of the pressure put on teeth and cut down on teeth grinding’s damage to your teeth.

If your jaw is misaligned, this can often be fixed with a dental orthotic, which is basically a brace or a TMJ splint. A TMJ orthotics is worn over your bottom back teeth. Nobody can see these braces and they serve to prevent your jaw from overworking and return it to a healthier function.

Another potential solution is tooth or teeth replacement. By using

crowns or

veneers, these chipped places can be repaired by your dentist. In fact, if all your teeth are damaged, a dentist can also do a full mouth restoration. Not only will your dental damage be fixed, but you will also have an even nicer smile.

Do any of these symptoms describe you?


Are you too shy to complain about your jaw pain? Well, you should realize this pain is only going to get worse over time, not better. And honestly, do you want to live with pain.

Sure, you may be smiling on the outside, but you may well be in a lot of pain on the inside. Secondly, don’t you want to look your best? Nobody wants to miss out on a date, or worse still, be turned down for a job because of obvious dental damage. Now’s the time to get your TMJ disorder issues resolved.

Now that you’ve resolved to get your TMJ disorder issues fixed, where can you turn for help? Dr. Polan is a successful dentist in Beverly. He is a specialist that can fit you for that mouth-guard if you’re a night grinder.

Dr. Polan can also fit you with a splint, if jaw realignment is called for. Lastly, he is an expert at doing any tooth or teeth replacement. So, what are you waiting for? Today’s the day to make the symptoms of your TMJ disorder a thing of the past.